Saturday, June 18, 2011

Obsessed with Quiet Books

So it all started in Ms. Chew's 8th grade sewing class. I was pretty sure that sewing machines had it in for me. Or was it Mrs. Tolman's 7th grade Home Ec class where I ruined my pink duffle bag project and probably made Mrs. Tolman wish she didn't teach sewing? . . . .

Anyway, I hadn't really touched a sewing machine since high school until about a year and a half ago. Sam was in B-School at the Y, and the MBA spouses got a group together to sew quiet books. Everyone made the same page 14 times, and then we got together to trade pages. Brilliant! It was so much fun that we went in for a second round, and here is the result:

Teepee page

Memory Page

Button the flowers on

Those fishies go inside the Alligator's mouth.



Cars (see the pocket for the matchbox car? Also those little stop and yield signs come off. And the shoelace? It's the gas station pump!

Robot (you can button different things on to his eyes!)

Kite ties
Counting Page

The frog catching flies

Okay, so I did this page. The doors and windows have clear vinyl behind them so you can put photos of family members and kids can open the shutters to see the pictures.

Tie my shoe

Weave the crust on the cherry pie

Lion with tags (perfect for little ones!)

Move the train up the hill

This is one side of the page: an oven for making . . .


Banana split with 5 flavors of ice cream for re-arranging

Braid my hair! The envelope has elastics and extra ribbons. The eyes, nose, and mouth have velcro and can be re-arranged.

Tangram puzzles. This is a good one for older kids. If you don't know what tangrams are, google it.
This page holds pencils, crayons, and paper for drawing.

Pick the apples & put them in the basket

picnic lunch. The spoon, knife, and fork are velcro so you can take them on & off, and how about that amazingly cute food? Let's hear it for printable fabric!

Match the shapes
Little girl's purse. most of the fun objects came from a little toy at the dollar store.

This barn houses several farm animal finger puppets . . .

And here they are!

A toolbox for the little man

A mailbox. The little felt envelopes open so you can put real notes inside.

gumball machine

Noah's Ark. I bought little animals at the party store that go inside.
Dress-up dolls

Telling Time
I spent waaaay too much time making this cover. I even did research on the golden mean ratio so it would be perfectly proportioned. (no lie!)

Here is the other side of the cover. Reversible.

Well, that was it. I was addicted after that. I bought a sewing machine and whenever I need a little bit of "project therapy," I sew.